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  1. stjerne

    Dunking cookies into Coffee is a time honored British tradition.
    They call cookies biscuits. The cookies are very sweet and great with coffee.

    However, the American cookie Oreo does not stand up to being dunked into coffee. The British did not dunk a cookie into milk before the recent introduction of the concept.

  2. Dragolord

    …No. We have biscuit-dunking traditions based around tea here. Not coffee. And as far as I know, we’ve dunked stuff in milk since before America was a thing. Wikipedia does not win arguments. Also, not to sound rude, but your ancestors were English, you use our tongue, and at some point someone started using the term “cookie”. Also, you said “the cookies are very sweet and great with coffee.”, It would make more sense to have said that “the biscuits are very sweet and great with coffee”. Just for future uninformed, patronizing, lectures.

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