The next QT goes up tonight. In the meantime, I’d like you to meet Go Mifune (Migo, for short), one of the reasons for the delays in updating.

Go Mifune 11-17-2013Migo, hard at sleep

Migo is my 14-year-old cat, who was diagnosed with intestinal cancer earlier this year. It’s one of the more treatable forms of feline cancer, and he might have 2-3 more good years of life with treatment. Nursing him through the worst of his illness has taken up a lot of my attention and time; you can still see the shaved part of his paw where the doctors put the tubes in him; he has a matching stripe on the other paw. When the illness was at its worst, my husband and I had to feed him by hand with a syringe, and when he was feeling terrible, he just wanted me to let him sit on me for hours, doing nothing but holding him. So I did.

The good news is that he is responding to chemotherapy. It is still touch-and-go, and our time might still be cut far shorter than I would like. But he is not in pain, and is eating on his own, and has been spoiled absolutely rotten. Which is a pretty good quality of life for a cat.

-Linda Howard, cowriter/letterer

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  1. Kathy

    Well, now I feel like a prick for poking fun at you for updating so slowly. ._. I’m really sorry, and I hope your cat makes it through OK.

  2. darthmike

    Thank you. No worries, we both feel the same way about updating being on time. Sorry for the frustration.

  3. Symbi Jayson

    I wish kitty the best!

    We lost Sassy and Boo two days apart in May of last year, Boo on the 22nd and Sassy the 24.
    The day you posted this, we lost the last of the trio, Fatboy (November 18th, 2013).
    Sassy came home around 2000 or 2001, and was about 13-14 years old at passing. Boo entered our lives in 1999, and was 12 and a half at passing. Fatboy was of an unknown age when he joined us at the same time as Sassy, but he was showing signs of aging back then. I estimate him at 16-20 years at time of passing.

    I entirely understand what you are going through and wish you do not have the same heartbreak as we did just yet.

    He’s getting better, dwell on that rather than the possibility of saying goodbye!
    (And ignore my comment on the last comic, had I known this I’d have sent that to the slew of other slow writers at the moment.)

  4. darthmike

    Thank you for sharing about Sassy, Boo and Fatboy.

  5. Symbi Jayson

    You are welcome-I understand how it goes.

  6. Aya Jayson

    Totally not my sister, but what caused the site to go down? I was unable to get on all of yesterday and most of today. Made me cry.

  7. darthmike

    I’m not sure what caused the outage. Thankfully we’re back up :-)

  8. Aya Jayson

    Yay! Because I was almost done with the archive and thought the site was gone for good!

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