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  1. Aya Jayson

    OMAIGOSH a new strip YOU MADE MY ENTIRE WEEK-all of my other comics I really enjoy with storylines but one are now on hiatus…. I really love QT…

  2. Aya Jayson

    I’m waiting. You may not believe me but QT is my homepage now and I’ll know when it updates again….

  3. Aya Jayson


  4. Aya Jayson

    “Today, I came to a realization that the closest people to me in my life, the ones who are warm and welcoming, who’re happy to see me, who honestly wanna know how I’ve been and how I feel, whose smiles make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, are the baristas at Starbucks, not my actual ‘friends’.”
    From FML. Seems appropriate.
    Sorry to spam but I am dying for an update.

  5. darthmike

    Thank you for coming back and having patients with us. We just talked over story and schedule last night and by Monday you should be very satisfied ;-) From then on I hope that we’ll both shake off our malaise and get back on track.

  6. Aya Jayson

    I actually shat myself when I read that the other day and ran across campus dressed as nyan cat screaming “IMPENDING UPDATE”.
    I only now feel it relevant and appropriate to mention this.
    I’m going to be online every minute for the next twenty six hours or until it is posted.

  7. darthmike

    I’m sorry, but I haven’t had proper time to ink yet. So look for it on Tuesday. Hope that isn’t too much of a let-down. Just didn’t want you to be waiting.

  8. Aya Jayson

    I can wait another day.
    The world can, but this is like the only site we make exceptions for! Because it’s one of the few good ones left…. D:

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