Long live the king

We’ll hopefully have another update this week – Mike’s schedule got crazy last week, but it should hopefully be back under control now!

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  1. pkmntrnr

    Lol, and I thought so much java would keep him up xD

  2. darthmike

    I can empathize with Dean. At this point I’ve consumed so much caffeine that I’m burnt out and a warm cup of coffee makes me sleepy.

  3. pkmntrnr

    Caffeine backfired xD

  4. Symbi Jayson

    I have never been able to drink coffee. I’ve got ADHD and it puts me to sleep.

  5. Symbi Jayson

    I NEED AN UPDATE MY UPDATE JUICE IS GONE DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: thiis is pretty serious as everything but DOA is on hiatus and two pages of OO a week isn’t cutting it.

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