Take that, venti

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  1. Symbi Jayson

    I’m dying to know… I’m trying to limit my complaints to once a month D: I have literally run out of comics to read in the interm. D:

  2. Symbi Jayson

    It’s been a month so I’m going on vaca this week and leaving my computers behind but please know that my kindle can access the internet and will be checking. I mean, really, March was such a STRIP TEASE, guys!! I was dying for a week of shear happiness!

  3. tony

    you guys still alive

  4. darthmike

    We’re still alive. I’ve got three comics getting ready in the queue now and will have them done soon.

  5. tony

    i was just wondering that’s all

  6. pkmntrainer

    I know this comic is awesome, but in all honesty, what right do we have to complain if no new posts have been made?

    We dont pay a subscriber fee or something, somehow, I think darthmike and the team are doing us a favor by posting this at no cost to us

    Thanks guys, I love this comic, and I’m sure patience pays ;)

  7. tony

    complain where i personally was just seeing if they were still alive so don’t get ahead of yourself

  8. Totally Not Symbi

    I’d like to propose a Look Alike contest, as my younger cousin looks EXACTLY like Nate.


    When you see him from the side it’s more defined. I just don’t have that photo right now.

  9. darthmike


  10. Symbi Jayson

    My other computer does not register this account, so I apologize for odd postings. (I’m getting the sites and passwords in… slowly… I swear it’s only taken me since Christmas…)
    I will get that image the next time I can trap that brat in the same room as my camera again. HE KEEPS RUNNING AND SCREAMING I mean, gosh, you’d think that there was actually a deadly spider on it, rather than just painted there!

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