About the Creators

Michael Moss

Michael Moss has been a cartoonist and illustrator since 1999, living and working in New York City. Currently, he creates and publishes three webcomics, Quitting Time and Gods Playing Poker, under the banner of Dung Beetle Comics, a webcomic collective of which he’s a founding member.  Michael also contributes cartoons to the new magazine Modern Seamster, writes for the magazine Webcomics Anonymous, and gathers news for the weekly podcast the Gigcast produced by the hard rockin’ people at NightGig Studios. And yes, he has paid his dues in retail.


Linda Howard (Valentine)

Linda Howard has been conducting a life-long love affair with the written word. When not lettering and editing for Quitting Time, she helps letter and/or write for other comic collaborations, including Gods Playing Poker and, beginning with Volume 2, Kirt Burdick’s How to be Bulletproof. She also maintains Dung Beetle’s various ComicPress websites. Much to the dismay of her cat, her husband, and her WoW guild, she is planning to bring several more projects and collaborations online in the future.

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