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Die zombie scum!

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Dec 30Upgrade
Dec 28Peace
Dec 23No no no!
Dec 21The end justifies the “mean”s
Dec 18Still the principle
Dec 16They really are.
Dec 14One step forward, two steps…
Dec 9Stealthily, the ninja
Dec 7The routine
Dec 2Man of Action
Nov 30Bueno!
Nov 27Dean? Who is this Dean?
Nov 25Thanks for reading!
Nov 23Cut off
Nov 18Well played
Nov 16Irrelevant
Nov 11She blinded him with science
Nov 9Smooth
Nov 2Ding!
Oct 28The A Team
Oct 26Excuse me?
Oct 21There is an… alternative
Oct 19It shows
Oct 14Genius
Oct 12Chop-Chop!
Oct 7Good NIGHT, Dean.
Oct 5Surprisingly, yes.
Sep 30Oh, sugar!
Sep 28Make it a double
Sep 23Blueberry bento?
Sep 21The Early Bird
Sep 16Closed early?!
Sep 14A certain zen
Sep 9Change-a-Lujah!
Sep 7…Really?
Sep 2Let me check my notes
Aug 31I’m right here
Aug 26You… want… this?
Aug 24Thanks for nothing
Aug 19Change-a-lujah!
Aug 17Stop!
Aug 12That’s amazing
Aug 10Stare-down
Aug 5Crisis averted?
Aug 3Don’t taze her, bro
Jul 29Oh please oh please oh please
Jul 27Let’s roll
Jul 22That’ll be $5.95
Jul 20Mo-ommm, I’m bo-oooored
Jul 15Good times…
Jul 13Back-up
Jul 8Just scared little tykes
Jul 6Fun and Games
Jul 1Legal stimulants
Jun 29HELL yes
Jun 24Coffee!
Jun 22It’s axiomatic
Jun 17Brutal economy
Jun 15Off the hook
Jun 10I thought you forgot
Jun 8An easy choice
Jun 3C’mon baby, hold together
Jun 1But…but…
May 27…often go awry.
May 25The best plans of men with the minds of mice…
May 20Right? Right?
May 18Fruit shouldn’t be able to kill you
May 13I coulda been…
May 11No cult!
May 6It’s like my ma always said
May 4You know, as a precaution
Apr 27It’s just a sandwich
Apr 22Frank who?
Apr 20FRANK?!!
Apr 15Let’s be adults…
Apr 13YOU.
Apr 6Well, do I, punk?!
Apr 1You. Out. Now.
Mar 30Special Precautions
Mar 25Inconceivable!
Mar 23…Really?
Mar 18Good night
Mar 16Abort! Abort!
Mar 11Weird, but cool
Mar 9Oh, come on… say it…
Mar 4Cut off
Mar 2Daddy who?
Feb 25Behold!
Feb 23Believe!
Feb 9About that bad
Feb 2Don’t be a douche
Jan 26One in Every Line
Jan 19What makes you think I care?
Jan 12Likely to be eaten by a grue
Jan 5Boss Fight!