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Die zombie scum!

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Dec 31…I’d go.
Dec 29Crazy
Dec 27Oh HELL no
Dec 24Happy Holidays from Quitting Time!
Dec 22Neither, Nor
Dec 20He’s a vet
Dec 17“Your kind”
Dec 15Job security
Dec 13Krack-ka-doooooom!
Dec 10Just park it to one side over there
Dec 8Not funny
Dec 6Looks like rain
Dec 3Guess you didn’t get the memo
Dec 1On a different list
Nov 29A new hope
Nov 26Santa knows all
Nov 24We accept you, one of us
Nov 22It’s just a scratch
Nov 19Celebration Time
Nov 17Gabba gabba
Nov 15Survival Tip #43
Nov 12Breaking the rules
Nov 10Coupon?!
Nov 8“The rules” (pt. 2)
Nov 5“The Rules”
Nov 3Against the odds
Nov 1Emergency
Oct 29A little help here?
Oct 27Doing It Wrong
Oct 25Pep talk
Oct 22Unwelcome
Oct 20Please do not tip your waiter
Oct 18AHEM
Oct 15Oh thank god.
Oct 13Again?
Oct 11Hotfooting It
Oct 8The memory is the first thing to go
Oct 6Worse.
Oct 4Employee of the Month
Oct 1Do the math
Sep 29“Real” work
Sep 27…That all men are created equal…
Sep 24It’s not hard
Sep 22Printing out the Internet, one page at a time…
Sep 20Trust us
Sep 17The bike messenger belongs to an elite order
Sep 15Don’t worry, the guys are on it
Sep 13Niceta meetcha
Sep 10In THIS city?
Sep 8Urgent Business
Sep 6Check, check.
Sep 3But is it bacon-flavored coffee?
Sep 1The service here sucks
Aug 30Smells like victory… crispy, crunchy victory. Mmmm…
Aug 27Not ready to wear the suit again…
Aug 25Ted!
Aug 23Cruel hand of fate redux
Aug 20Yes. Yes you do.
Aug 18Penny pinching
Aug 16Woohoo.
Aug 13In my defense… again
Aug 11Shortcut
Aug 9“…Besides, Martin can take care of himself.”
Aug 6Sploosh
Aug 4Fwip!
Aug 2In my defense
Jul 30Can’t miss it.
Jul 28It’s me, Frank.
Jul 26Right in front of you. Can’t miss it.
Jul 23Surprisingly well
Jul 21Welcome back
Jul 19Pushed too far
Jul 16You take 15 jobs, and what do you get? No definite start times and deeper in debt…
Jul 14Great!
Jul 12How’s Roland? Good question.
Jul 9Go ahead, wow me.
Jul 7Polly Wanna Crack-Up
Jul 5Round three.
Jul 2Round Two.
Jun 30The best idea
Jun 28Seriously.
Jun 25Natural-ly
Jun 23“Audience” Participation
Jun 21Ham Sammich! Wooooo!
Jun 18Sammich?
Jun 16The future’s so bright…
Jun 14There it is
Jun 9The hardest part
Jun 7Kinda weird
Jun 2Yes.
May 31Step into my office
May 26Ahem.
May 24It kinda does
May 19Decaffeinate
May 17Not the same
May 12The Messenger
May 10The Message
May 5Or the tooth fairy…
May 3Can you be under-unemployed?
Apr 28Awkwarder
Apr 26Awkward
Apr 21Setting the record straight
Apr 19That priest
Apr 14D’ya mind?!
Apr 12Gripes of Wrath
Apr 7While no one’s looking
Apr 5Tedium Interruptum
Mar 31Timely distractions
Mar 29Don’t answer it! It’s a trap!
Mar 24A toast!
Mar 22Which way did she go?
Mar 17Hi Gina!
Mar 15It’s a pyramid of value
Mar 10Trick question
Mar 8Mis-address?
Mar 3Woo?
Mar 1United
Feb 24Shame
Feb 22Standards
Feb 17Sold!
Feb 15The Pole of Fate
Feb 10Slim pickings
Feb 8Losers weepers
Feb 3Oh no…
Feb 1Spider senses
Jan 27Finders keepers
Jan 25Irony
Jan 20…I outgrew that job
Jan 18Early day
Jan 13What
Jan 11That’s why
Jan 6Move over
Jan 4Moral support