• Nate Fisher, a voice of reason in an unreasonable wilderness. A divorced dad with a history of terrible retail jobs, Nate currently works at the International House of Bacon and dreams about opening his own coffee house with Roland.
  • Timmy Fisher, Nate’s son. Remarkably well-adjusted, despite the continual bad influence of Frank.
  • Frank Zappelli, Nate’s long-time friend. Currently working as a security guard in the Museum d’Art. A former roommate of Nate’s, Frank still raids Nate’s fridge at strange hours of the night. Ninja is as ninja does, a fact that is not always appreciated by Roland.
  • Roland Carter, Nate’s former coworker at Mean Bean coffee and current roommate. Unemployed after finding the world of temping too soul-killing to continue, Roland is learning how to write a business plan for his and Nate’s store.
  • Gina L.P. Delancourt, another barista who became friends with Roland and Nate when she lost her job to the same unstoppable force that eliminated theirs. Now she’s a bike messenger, but when that job gets too stressful, she relaxes by imaging herself to be a rampaging monster. It’s remarkably therapeutic.


  • Dean Svetanborg, a coffee addict with a problem — he’s been banned from the store he loves. Now his love of coffee — and his love of having it served to him by baristas — has driven him to the extreme lengths of showing up at his former baristas’ apartment every morning to get his daily fix.
  • Shea Robbins, Nate’s friend and former boss. Shea and Nate met when she ran the No! Self-Defense Clinic for Women, which she sold for a rather impressive sum after winning a lawsuit over the rights to the name. Now she’s trying to invest that money into venture capital and the community.
  • Rachael Thompson, Nate’s girlfriend, a scientist specializing in robotics. With Pat, Rachael created the Heloraptor, an autonomous cell phone charger. Unfortunately, they lost the rights to their creation to Mean Bean, their employer at the time.
  • Pat Louis, Rachael’s partner in science and former leader of Mean Bean Science Team A. Currently working on designing a new project now that the Heloraptor has been shelved.
  • Martin Thomas, a Presbyterian minister who has crossed paths, words and pranks with Frank after the security guard’’s antics made him look silly in front of the boy’s club he usually brings to the museum.  Beneath the rivalry there’s a fair amount of respect at this point… but not enough to stop the prank war.
  • Sarah Thomas, Martin’s wife. Also the bartender of Frank and Nate’s preferred watering hole. Is it easy being a bartender and also the wife of a minister? No. But so far Sarah has managed to balance both worlds.

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  1. NicolasExposition

    Just wondering. Any update to this anytime soon?

  2. cr0wgrrl

    As a matter of fact, there’s a new cast page on the way, with a whole new look and a lot more characters!

  3. Deant

    It would be cool to see what can be said about the rest of the characters like all the former bosses, the unibean, the bank executives =)

  4. Tangela

    That’s really thikning of the highest order

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